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1-4 Saloon Hire - 4-6 MPV Hire

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1-4 Saloon Hire - 4-6 MPV Hire

Featuring a rounded back and a very distinctive style, the saloon cars that are available for hire are very popular among families and small groups of travellers.

These vehicles come with between one and four comfortable seats and are ideal for use as a town care. Anyone who is searching for a temporary vehicle to take them to and from work, to the shops or so that the little ones can get to school in the morning is sure to love the convenience of this compact vehicle.

It also boasts excellent fuel economy so that it can really go the distance on longer journeys when pure comfort is the primary concern.

Larger groups who require a first rate transportation experience are sure to love the MPVs. These vehicles typically come with between four a six very comfortable seats that feature extra padding to make them ideal for long journeys.

Passengers are set slightly higher in this type of vehicle so that they will be treated to enhance views of the road ahead, while the windows also tend to be slightly bigger.

Any seats that are not in use can be folded down in a single motion, which means that the interior can be used to carry shopping bags and other items. Each passenger seat is also fully adjustable so that passengers can get comfortable and snooze for a while during a long journey if they wish.

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